Learning Design

A Learning Design describes the educational process, not just courseware but the whole teaching/learning experience. It's a more or less formal description of a pedagogical scenario (also called educational script or storyboard) and that may or may not follow an instructional design model.

The process of learning design refers to the activity of designing units of learning, learning activities or learning environment.

Learning Designs are "pedagogically informed learning activities which make effective use of appropriate tools and resources" (GrĂ¡inne Conole and Karen Fill, creators of the DialogPlus Toolkit.)

How to adapt

To add this widged to a page, add a division
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Add a division for a title, it will show up at all times. Add another one with for the content. It will remain hidden until the start button is pressed (up to the end of the time).
<div class="title">Learning Design</div>
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In wikispaces use Edit > Widget > Other Widget and paste the code below.

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<div class="wg-timedReading" id="a-0">
<div class="title">Learning Design</div>
<div class="content">
<p>A Learning Design describes the educational process, not just courseware but the whole teaching/learning experience. It's a more or less formal description of a pedagogical scenario (also called educational script or storyboard) and that may or may not follow an instructional design model.</p>
<p>The process of learning design refers to the activity of designing units of learning, learning activities or learning environment.</p>
<p>Learning Designs are "pedagogically informed learning activities which make effective use of appropriate tools and resources" (GrĂ¡inne Conole and Karen Fill, creators of the DialogPlus Toolkit.)</p>
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