TiddlyWiki is a "MicroContent" wiki built by JeremyRuston. By this is meant that you write and save an entry in it in a manner similar to a blog entry. Each entry is termed a tiddler, stored internally in a div, and each tiddler may bear one or more tags, indicating its nature and allowing (non-linear) classification possibilities. (Note that, after saving at the tiddler level, you need to save globally via a save function in the Tiddlywiki).

It's written in HTML and JavaScript to run on any browser, but most easily with Firefox, without needing any Server-Side logic. It allows anyone to create self-contained hypertext documents that can be posted to any web server, or sent by email.

jQuery is already integrated into TiddlyWiki. However for the widgeds to work, you will have to enable inline Javascript
  1. Go to the inlineJavascript plugin page and click on EDIT and copy the content of the yellow box, under code. Make sure you get all the characters.
  2. Open your TiddlyWiki and click on NEW TIDDLER
  3. Give your Tiddler a title (in this case “checkboxPlugin”) and a tag if necessary (for this plugin, we need to add the tag “systemConfig”)
  4. Paste the code you copied into this Tiddler and click SAVE CHANGES
  5. Relaunch your TiddlyWiki and you are set!